Our track record includes developed and compiled food safety programs (HACCP manuals) for diverse sizes of vessel operations for our various clients to date, as well as ensuring their HACCP approval status. IFAC offers a “hands on” practical approach in the development of programs that are relevant and unique to your operations which can be easily implemented and maintained.


In addition, we also offer independent auditing service review of your existing HACCP program to ensure re-approval and compliance through pre-inspections, document review, updating (HACCP Manual) and sampling of products, water and cleaning efficacy tests.


We have the capability to guide you in choosing the best and suitable Global Food Safety Initiative Scheme (GFSI) recognised Certification for your organization.  Our consultants have a track record (experience) of successfully implementing GFSI standards in fish processing facilities.


Our in-depth Gap analysis and pre-assessment of your system’s facilities and documentation will assist you to identify any gaps in your system as well as to assess your organization’s readiness for successful implementation of your chosen GFSI Standard. Our detailed and extensive Gap Assessment report will be based on a thorough onsite facility inspection and a review of your food safety program. The report will include recommendations and improvements necessary for a successful food safety system implementation. IFAC consultants will also assist you to design and develop a food safety system that meets not only regulatory but, also third-party audits for GFSI Standards.


Supplier approval is an integral part of maintaining compliance with the HACCP program and as such, supplier quality assurance audits are essential. Our consultants will conduct supplier quality assurance audits on your behalf in order to confirm that your material suppliers meet your standard requirements. Our consultants can also serve as Food safety and Quality Management System internal auditors in your organization.


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