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In celebration of seven (7)  years in business, Iyalago Food Assurance Consultants (IFAC) is delighted to share its remarkable achievements in the field of Food Safety and Quality Assurance within the Namibian Food Industry. Among our proudest accomplishments is the success story of Etosha Fishing, one of our earliest clients.


Iyalago Food Assurance Consultants (IFAC) has diligently supported Etosha Fishing in achieving excellence, ensuring that their canned products meet the stringent quality standards demanded by both local and international markets. Through rigorous assessments, strategic guidance, and collaborative efforts, we have contributed to Etosha Fishing’s growth and reputation as a reliable supplier of safe and high-quality canned seafood.


Stay tuned as we delve into more inspiring stories and continue our commitment to elevating food safety practices in Namibia and beyond!



1. Background



Etosha Fishing, the last remaining cannery in Namibia situated in Walvis Bay, has a rich history dating back to its refurbishment in 1995. Despite facing challenges such as limited fish resources in the country, Etosha Fishing has maintained its position as a leader in the industry, boasting high-tech equipment and a commitment to delivering high-quality canned food products. In the 2010s, Etosha took on the responsibility of canning for various renowned brands, necessitating a revamp of their integrated food safety, quality assurance, and environmental systems to meet world-class standards. With the support of Iyalago Food Assurance Consultants (IFAC), Etosha embarked on a journey to enhance its food safety and quality practices.



2. Problem Definition



Etosha Fishing recognized the need to update its existing food safety, quality assurance, and environmental systems to align with industry, regulatory, and customer requirements. Despite its advanced equipment and commitment to quality, the company faced challenges in ensuring standardisation of work among its quality assurance team and providing sufficient training on food safety in canning operations to its ground team.



3. Solutions Implemented



IFAC collaborated closely with Etosha Fishing to implement a comprehensive strategy aimed at optimising food safety and quality practices. The solutions included:



3.1 Standard Operating Procedures Optimization:


Standard Operating Procedures Optimization: IFAC worked with Etosha Fishing to review and update their standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure standardisation of work among the quality assurance and production team. This involved streamlining processes, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and incorporating best practices in food safety and quality assurance.


3.2 Team Empowerment through Training:


IFAC conducted tailored training programs for Etosha Fishing's ground team on food safety in canning operations. These training sessions focused on educating employees about the importance of food safety, specialised canning procedures, and compliance with industry standards. By equipping inhouse trainers with knowledge and skills in faciliating training,the team at Etosha Fishing was able to enhance its food safety culture and ensure adherence to Food safety laws.


3.3 First Party Audits (Internal):


IFAC assisted Etosha Fishing in conducting first-party audits to verify the effectiveness of their food safety and quality management systems. These audits provided valuable insights into areas for improvement and helped the company identify and address any deficiencies proactively.



4. Results



The collaboration between Etosha Fishing and IFAC yielded significant improvements in food safety and quality practices, positioning the company as a leader in the industry. The key results achieved include:



  • Standardisation of work among the quality assurance team through updated Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs).


  • Empowerment of the ground team through tailored training programs on food safety in canning operations- a high risk process requiring specialised training.


  • Enhanced compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


  • Strengthened food safety culture and commitment to delivering high-quality products.






Here is feedback from the Etosha fishing team on the value added to their Food safety and quality management system.


Linekela Kapundja

Quality Manager



Says the following at a strategic level:


Working with you [IFAC] has improved or quality management system for the better. The value that we got from the training material you developed for our internal training manuals is excellent.



Irene Nambahu

Quality Superintendent



Says the following at operational level:


As our consultant internal auditors; we can attest that with your valuable input our food safety system (especially documentation) has improved greatly. The number of HACCP audit findings has reduced since we started making use of your services since 2018.


[There is] great effort put into the presentations of your training. Your diversity is a bonus to the food industry, [your team] is very knowledgeable in a number of systems and your knowledge and training is not limited to the fishing industry. Your availability /open door /approachable and flexibility to suit customer needs [is an added benefit].



5. Conclusion



Through the support of IFAC, Etosha Fishing successfully transformed its food safety and quality practices, reaffirming its position as the last remaining cannery in Namibia. By optimising standard operating procedures, empowering the team through training, and conducting internal audits, Etosha Fishing demonstrated its commitment to excellence in food safety and quality assurance. This collaborative effort has not only ensured the company's continued success but also contributed to the overall advancement of food safety standards in the industry.






By Ruth Martinez Lago

CEO, Iyalago Food Assurance Consultants








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