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In celebration of seven (7)  years in business, Iyalago Food Assurance Consultants (IFAC) is delighted to share its remarkable achievements in the field of Food Safety and Quality Assurance within the Namibian Food Industry. Among our proudest accomplishments is the success story of Embwinda Fishing, one of our earliest clients. As a prominent player in the Namibian Fishing industry, Embwinda Fishing exports its products to countries that are highly regulated and with advanced food safety systems, particularly in Europe.


Iyalago Food Assurance Consultants (IFAC) has diligently supported Embwinda Fishing in achieving excellence, ensuring that their products meet the stringent quality standards demanded by international markets. Through rigorous assessments, strategic guidance, and collaborative efforts, we have contributed to Embwinda Fishing’s growth and reputation as a reliable supplier of safe and high-quality seafood.


Stay tuned as we delve into more inspiring stories and continue our commitment to uplifting food safety practices in Namibia and beyond!



1. Background



Embwinda Fishing, a prominent player in the Namibian Fishing industry, recognised the importance of ensuring food safety and quality assurance throughout their operations. However, they faced challenges in attaining maximum team involvement and accountability in their IFS Food safety system. This lack of engagement led to inefficiencies and potential risks to food safety and quality of their products.


In response, Embwinda Fishing sought the expertise of Iyalago Food Assurance Consultants (IFAC) to optimise their IFS Food safety system and empower their management and supervisory team to take initiative in ensuring all departments were on board with the food safety and quality assurance system.



2. Problem Definition



Embwinda Fishing faced a significant challenge of minimal team involvement in their IFS Food safety system. This lack of engagement resulted in a gap between management's expectations and actual implementation, leading to potential risks in food safety and quality. The company recognised the need to transition from a passive approach to a proactive one, where all team members were actively involved and accountable for maintaining food safety standards. This involved empowering employees through training and awareness, defining competencies, and ensuring clear job descriptions pertaining to food safety.



3. Solutions Implemented



With the guidance and support of IFAC, Embwinda Fishing underwent a transformative journey to optimise their IFS Food safety system and gain maximum team involvement. The solutions implemented included:



3.1 Empowering Management and Supervisory Team:


IFAC worked closely with Embwinda Fishing's management and supervisory team to instill a sense of ownership and accountability for food safety and quality. This involved providing training and guidance on effective leadership practices and developing a culture of continuous improvement.


3.2 Process Owner Empowerment


IFAC facilitated workshops and training sessions to empower process owners within each department to take ownership of their respective processes and implement proper corrective actions when necessary. This approach ensured that every aspect of the food safety system was monitored and controlled by competent and experienced individuals.


3.3 Employee Training and Awareness:


IFAC in collaboration with the Embwinda Team conducted comprehensive training programs to educate all employees on the importance of food safety and quality assurance. This included raising awareness of potential hazards, proper hygiene practices, and the significance of adhering to implemented procedures.


3.4 Competency Definition and Job Descriptions:


IFAC assisted Embwinda Fishing in defining clear competencies and job descriptions related to food safety for each role within the organization. This ensured that employees understood their responsibilities and had the necessary skills to perform their tasks effectively.



4. Results



Through the collaborative efforts of Embwinda Fishing and IFAC, the company experienced a complete transformation in their approach to food safety and quality assurance. The optimisation of the IFS Food safety system and the empowerment of the management and supervisory team led to significant improvements, such as:


  • Increased team involvement and accountability at all levels of the organization.


  • Enhanced awareness and understanding of food safety principles among employees.


  • Improved efficiency in identifying and addressing food safety risks through proper corrective actions.


  • Clear definition of competencies and job roles related to food safety, ensuring alignment and consistency across departments.





Here is feedback from the Embwinda fishing team on the value added to their IFS system.


Hosea Shaanika

Quality Assurance Manager




IFAC training is of good value to our operation and processes, [IFAC] were available to any of our calls. Through your training  our employees also changed the culture at work place and behaviours.


[With regards to on the job performance] most of people are really using the techniques they learned through training given by yourself [IFAC Trainers] also training given in training for trainers.


Consultation services by IFAC improved our operations most definitely by 90% and yes we are satisfied with your [IFAC’s] team engagement in all correspondence with us.



5. Conclusion



The collaboration between Embwinda Fishing and IFAC resulted in a successful transition from minimal team involvement to maximum team engagement in their IFS Food safety system. By empowering management, supervisors, and employees alike, Embwinda Fishing was able to achieve a complete turnaround from their previous approach seven years ago. The company is now better equipped to uphold the highest standards of food safety and quality assurance, ensuring the trust and satisfaction of their customers in the seafood supply chain industry.







By Ruth Martinez Lago

CEO, Iyalago Food Assurance Consultants








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